Emergency Plan for Shotteswell Village

Shotteswell Parish Council Emergency Plan

In extreme conditions such as heavy snow and flooding, there is a possibility that the emergency services may not be able to reach the scene immediately. In such circumstances, the initial response may rely entirely on local people.

To co-ordinate such activity, some councils have formulated a Community Emergency Plan to help their community to prepare for an emergency and reduce its impact.

The idea is that local communities may know about particular hazards and problems that affect an area, be aware of individuals who might need assistance in an emergency, and have access to people, resources or buildings that allow them to respond more effectively to specific incidents.

There is no statutory requirement for such a plan; however, it is good practice and so we have created the Shotteswell Parish Council Emergency Plan.

As a small village, our Emergency Plan is a simple document: we are not aware of any particular hazards in the area and our location means that we are safe from flooding.

However, in the event of extreme snow, a prolonged loss of power, a serious traffic incident or other emergency local people may be required to provide an initial level of support.

For the most part, it is envisaged that members of the Parish Council will provide this support.

Purpose The emergency services, local authorities, utilities and voluntary agencies in a combined response will deal with all major emergencies. This Emergency Plan is not intended to be a substitute for these services and, on an emergency situation arising, the first action should always be to contact the emergency services by dialling 999.

The purpose of the plan is to cater for extreme circumstances (for example heavy snowfall) that might prevent the emergency services from reaching the scene immediately. In such cases the initial response may rely entirely on Shotteswell residents; this plan describes how such an initial response will be coordinated.

Initial Actions  If an emergency arises and it is not possible to contact the emergency services straight away (or if their response may be delayed), the Shotteswell Emergency Plan should be initiated as follows:

1. Contact the Emergency Coordinator: Role Contact name V Ingram  01295 730203. First Aid trained

Parish Council Chairman: Les Faulkner 01295 730256.  Holds Four wheeled drive vehicle, heavy-duty machinery, chainsaw and emergency winter salt supply.

If the Emergency Coordinator is not available, contact the Initial Response Team

2. The Emergency Coordinator will contact the Initial Response Team:

Role Contact name:  Parish Council  Michael 01295 730276.  Holds heavy plant machinery & Village hall key

Clerk to the Parish Council Val Ingram 01295 730 203 .

The Initial Response Team will coordinate the local response by contacting the following:

Role Contact name Parish Councillor Ben 01295 738564

Parish Councillor Jan  01295 730443    First Aid trained

Village Hall Contact details  01295 738564 County Council Emergency Number, held by Parish Council

Follow-up Actions Primary Assembly Point Shotteswell Village Hall, Coronation Lane :

AED Defibrillator location, identity code box no 815 (this is not the code to open the box)

Village Hall,

Village Hall,

Click on picture for directional map

4. All villagers who are willing to help in the emergency should gather at the Primary Assembly Point: Village Hall or, if the Shotteswell Hall is inaccessible, they should gather at: St Laurence Church Village Resources

5. The assembled villagers will assess if resources such as four-wheel drive vehicles, lifting equipment or chainsaws may be relevant to the emergency and contact the appropriate providers. Village Skills

6. The assembled villagers will assess if skills such as those of doctors, nurses and first-aiders may be relevant to the emergency and contact the appropriate providers. Vulnerable Groups

7. If appropriate the assembled villagers will make contact with vulnerable groups: Vulnerable Individuals

8. If appropriate, and using local knowledge, the assembled villagers will make contact with vulnerable individuals in the village (for example the disabled, elderly, housebound and parents with young children). Incident handling

9. During the emergency, anyone involved in coordinating a response should keep a log of all requests for assistance and action taken. See form at the end of this document. A supply of suitable forms is held by the Emergency Co‐ordinator. Temporary Shelters

10. In the event of there being persons (including casualties) requiring temporary shelter, one or more of the following buildings will be made available: Village Hall or St Laurence Church, both located in Chapel Lane. OX17 1JB. AED Defibrillator location  the Village Hall

The CSW Resilience Team on behalf of Warwickshire County Council have staff and resources available to provide rest centres to evacuated residents and can be contacted via the Parish Council.
CSW Resilience Team Business as usual contact number (Warwickshire Office): 01926 410410
The Parish Council hold a 24/7 number for the CSW Resilience Team should they need to be contacted in an emergency. This is not a public number.


Emergency Services

Fire, Ambulance & Police 999 and/or 101 for Police

Police Station – Stratford-upon-Avon 01926 415000 (Click link for map)  Police Headquarters 01926 451111

Fire & Rescue HQ 01926 423231 (always dial 999 in an emergency)

The Horton General Hospital – 01295 275500 (Click link for map)

Local Doctors .

Local Vets

Warwickshire County Council – 01926 410410 (Click link for map) Emergency Number – (held by the Parish Council)

Environment Agency – Incident Hotline 0800 807 060 0800 807 060

NHS Direct  – 111 BT emergency number 0800 121 7667 or 0800 800 150

Severn Trent Water – 0800 783  4444.  Natural well, Snuff Lane, Shotteswell crap 2

Click on Picture for directional map

Highways Agency 08457 50 40 30 08457 50 40 30

Local Food supplies: Warmington Farm Shop, Horley Farm Shop, Cropredy Stores & Banbury supermarkets.

Gas supplies, salt, batteries, solid fuel & Hardware: Fir Tree Farm, Warmington : 01295 211790

Garages: Gaydon Garage 01926 642278 Fuel available from all Banbury supermarkets

Any volunteer acting under the County Council’s instructions during an emergency will be covered under the Authority’s personal accident and liability policy.

Usually, in an emergency, the CSW Resilience Team would contact the Parish Council. This is to both inform them of what is happening and also to discuss any actions that might be necessary by the Parish Council, e.g. setting up an evacuation centre.

In such circumstances, the Parish Council and anyone employed by them to undertake such activities will be covered under the policy.

If an emergency occurs locally and the Parish Council have not been contacted, then it is essential that the CSW Resilience Team is informed as soon as possible. This is to ensure that they are aware of the situation and can authorise activity on the County Council’s behalf.

As a side issue, the question of volunteers using their own vehicles is trickier. Generally, we would advise that people doing so should ensure that their own vehicle policy would cover them in such circumstances.

In a local emergency, it is unlikely that a situation would arise where we were asking the Parish Council to send people off in their own vehicle to undertake tasks. Such activities would be undertaken by other agencies.

Incident Log   Nature of incident:   ………………………………………………………… Completed by: ……………………   ……………………………….. Date: ……………………. Sheet No: ……..   No Time Name(s) involved Request for assistance/action taken Complete A full copy of the complete document is held by all members of the Parish Council and the CSW team.

First Aid Kit held at Village Hall

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For further Resilience information from CSW information follow this link