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Here is information on recycling for your blue lid, green bin and general waste. And the items you can and can’t recycle.

Recycling tips

Recycling tips

Items for recycling

Items for recycling

Here is the refuse and recycling collection calendar. Shotteswell is in Zone two.

Refuse 2014

Having completed the acquisition of Pure Recycling in early 2010, Kier Group’s very own materials recycling facility (MRF) was opened at Ettington in Warwickshire in early 2011.

Local Tip sites, nearest to Shotteswell are situated at Alkerton, Near Shenington

Wellesbourne or Southam are the nearest Warwickshire tips. 

Some of these centres will take nearly new items, which are sold on site, please check web sites for details. This includes paint, which maybe donated or purchased for a small sum.

Surplus paint scheme makes a splash

Warwickshire residents are being invited to snap up surplus paint at knock-down prices at two of the county’s recycling centres.

Warwickshire County Council has teamed up with award-winning social enterprise, Warwickshire Community Recycling to operate a paint reuse scheme at Stockton and Wellesbourne Household Waste Recycling Centres.

The graded paint is on sale from just 50p a litre while local community and voluntary groups are currently being supplied free of charge.

DIY enthusiasts can also deposit tins of unwanted and leftover paint in specially-branded Community RePaint bring banks at the Stockton and Wellesbourne centres.

Glenn Fleet, Warwickshire County Council’s Group Manager for Waste, said: “You can now make a big splash with your spring decorating without splashing out a fortune – and do your bit for the environment at the same time!”

Wayne Gibbons, Warwickshire Community Recycling’s Development Manager added: “As well as saving the county council and local taxpayers on disposal costs, all proceeds from our enterprise will go to the Heart of England Community Foundation for distribution to voluntary and community groups across the county. We are also hoping to expand the number of retail outlets for salvaged paint as the scheme grows.”

The Warwickshire paint reuse scheme is affiliated to the national Community Repaint programme network

For further information on paint disposal or reuse in Warwickshire or call 01926 412593.


     Stratford District Council’s Waste & Recycling Service – May 2013.

The recent extension of SDC’s recycling service whereby with effect from 1st April 2013 we are now able to put out for collection textiles, small electrical & electronic items and household batteries, prompted me to obtain an update on the DC’s waste and recycling performance for the whole of the District. There is some good and interesting news to give on this:-

i)               The combined recycling & composting (Blue & Green bins) rate for the District for 20012/13 increased to 60.2%. This means though, that 40% of the residual waste (Grey bins) we generate goes to landfill,

ii)             However against this, the good news is that the amount of residual waste we place in our Grey bins has fallen from 406 kg per household per annum to 386 kg per household pa – a reduction of almost 5%,

iii)            The enhanced recycling service in the first 6 weeks of its operation since 1st April 2013 has resulted in the collection of:-

  • Nearly 1 tonne of Textiles,
  • Enough small Electrical/Electronic items to fill 60 X 240 litre bins,
  • Enough Household Batteries to fill 2 1/3rd X 240 litre bins

Hitherto, all of these items may well have been consigned to landfill.

iv)            An analysis has been undertaken of the residual waste we place in our Grey bins that indicates that:-

  • 57%  of it is recyclable, of which –
  • 40% is food waste which could all go into our Green bins for composting,


v)             If all this residual waste was placed in our Blue or Green bins,

  • the combined recycling & composting rate for the District would increase to around 80%, and
  • Up to 11,250 tons per annum could be diverted from going to Landfill.

vi)            This last statistic reminds me of 2 aspects – firstly that Central Government imposes a Landfill Tax (paid by the County Council) that is ratcheded up each year and currently stands at around £9 per ton. The cost of this is reflected in the amount of Council Tax we have to pay.

Secondly, on a recent trip to London, I was struck by a slogan I saw on both sides of a large refuse vehicle which read – “Recycling? – it’s not a Choice – it’s a Duty”. Quite a powerful message perhaps?

To conclude – on behalf of the District Council, I would like to thank residents for all their efforts to further the recycling cause and urge them to keep up the good work and to be mindful of some of the messages in this report that could make our recycling performance even better and less environmentally and financially punitive!!  Thank you very much.

Simon Jackson – District Councillor and Member for the Burton Dassett Ward