The Manor
The Manor
The first Lords of the Manor to be named were the Earls of Warwick and at one time, the Earl granted sub-Lordship o the ancestors of John de Dive.  He was followed by Robert Fitzworth, (1352) and later in the reign of King John, by the family of the Manards.

There is reference to a gift of six cottages by the Earl of Warwick to the Canon of Studley, but the reference is undated, as also is another gift by the Earl of Warwick to the Canon of Clattercote.

At any rate during the reign of Henry VIII, Sir Thomas Pope became the owner of the lands given to the monks of Studley and Clattercote and later obtained  possession of the Manor and the Living.  This was at the same time as Sir Thomas Pope who founded Trinity College Oxford and became the owner of Wroxton Abbey.

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